Smart stores as a service

Get to know the solution

The Microcity Smart Store as a Service Solution is what your business needs to grow. We are able to deliver a complete end-to-end solution and you will have the best smart retailing features available for your needs – and all in a flexible model.

The template as service enables your IT operation to be lightweight and responsive. Microcity delivers the solution with the same quality throughout the national territory. And the template ensures logistics, installation, technical support and management of the entire equipment cycle, including maintenance and exchange.

And you do not have to acquire any of the assets, removing from the financial sector of your company all the bureaucratic and tax burden that the definitive acquisition of equipment causes.

Its entire operation is supported by the Cloud Trimodal Microcity that offers a complete and targeted cloud of services for your success.


Cloud Trimodal Microcity

Delivery template for Smart Store as a Service solution anywhere in Brazil, guaranteeing the availability of the operation and orchestration of the entire environment. Your IT staff will get more time available to focus on the most important issues in your business.


New consumers, new demands

With Microcity Store as a Service, retail becomes much smarter and sales results are achieved in shorter times. Innovation will transform your business, and every action customers take is monitored and transformed into data that can be used to further enhance their experience inside your store.


Smart Store

Customer behavior mapping solution inside the store to optimize the point of sale.

Data Collector

Retail solution that utilizes Microsoft cloud for mobile data collector

Environment Acclimatization

Air conditioning outsourcing solution aiming to bring energetic gain, focus on the business and ticket increase, with a longer customer permanence in the store.

Monitoring Business Transactions

Solution that monitors customers’ credit card and bank slip transactions, bringing business information to them.

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