Semi-new PCs

Used computers are no longer synonymous with outdated or poor quality equipment. Microcity offers excellent machines, by the best brands and ready to serve you in your home, business or office, with prices and conditions tailor-made for your pocket.

All machines are original and revised, which guarantees its origin and operation. Here you can find laptops, servers and printers as well as products for your local area network. All with a 6-month maintenance warranty and post-warranty, if your company needs.

Benefits you will only find here:

– Microcity reviewed and guaranteed computers
– The best prices and installment conditions
– Windows O&M operating system already installed on all machines
– The best global brands, such as HP Compaq, Dell, IBM, Lexmark, Xerox and Samsung
– Exclusive use of original factory machines
– Compatibility with technologies available on the market today

Network Assets and Peripherals


With Windows Operating System





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