PC as a Service

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PC as a Service by Microcity is the outsourcing solution that delivers desktops, laptops and other devices to your IT environment supported by the Microcity Services Cloud.

It means more management, monitoring, administration and orchestration for your IT environment.

PC as a Service adapts to any segment and brings business results to industries, retailers, contact centers etc.

Cloud Trimodal Microcity

Delivery template of PC solutions as a Service anywhere in Brazil, ensuring availability of operation and orchestration of the entire environment. Your IT staff gets more time available to focus on the most important issues in your business.

Got focus on what matters

“The outsourcing model offered by Microcity is complete and serves us both in hardware, software, and services. We can now focus on the bank core business, as they are responsible for all the management of the hired assets.”

Alexandre Cabral

IT Manager for Banco BBM

It has complete management and more assertive information

“Our SLA is four hours for headquarters and seven hours for branches. Hence, management is done in a very evolved manner. In addition, we have access to more assertive reporting and greater control over device configuration.”

Ricardo Nogueira

Executive manager of Caixa Seguradora

Business Platform

Solution Features

Trade In

Purchase of legacy equipment

Lease Back

More money in cash and Operational Simplicity


Flexible contracts including customized features and services


Increase your team’s availability for new challenges

Solution Portfolio

Legacy assets New Microcity Assets
Cloud Environment Administration Services X X
Image creation X X
User’s data backup X X
Cloud and/or local antivirus X X
Availability monitoring X X
Activation/deactivation X X
Image updating o o
Service Desk X X
Customer Inventory Management X X
Reports X X
Software update X X
Maintenance and support of customer’s legacy equipment X X
Parts Logistics X X
1st 2nd and 3rd level service X X
Device provisioning X
Image management for the device provided X
Additional Software X
Customized services X


Customers with a Profile for the Solution


Customers who need mobility and need to access their work area and local company resources on any device.


Customers who have a capillary structure and wish to reduce hardware and image support problems.

Technological Refresh

Technological refresh without the need for total site renewal.

Fast Provisioning

Customers who need to provision desktops quickly anywhere in Brazil.

Promptness in Changes

Organizations that have a constant need for user changes and usage profiles.

Best Cost-Benefit ratio

Microcity hybrid solution that generates budget savings.

Benefícios PC as a Service

Low investment;
Low investment;
Technological site updating guarantee over time;
Technological site updating guarantee over time;
Seizes the legacy site;
Seizes the legacy site;
Fast and elastic provisioning based on demand;
Fast and elastic provisioning based on demand;
Full support: hardware and software;
Full support: hardware and software;
End-to-end security.
End-to-end security.

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