Network as a Service

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Network as a Service by Microcity delivers hardware, software and services in complete solutions for the connectivity of your business. The solution is scalable and aligned to the needs of your business.


Cloud Trimodal Microcity

Delivery model of Network as a Service solutions anywhere in Brazil, guaranteeing the availability of the operation and orchestration of the entire environment. Your IT staff gains time available to focus on the most important business issues.


A solution with many possibilities

Network Infrastructure

Microcity offers Managed Services for Network Infrastructure, building or reshaping the corporate network environment, delivering hardware, software, support and management, all as a service.

Wi-fi networks

It consists of indoor network, for use strictly in internal environments, and outdoor networking solutions, installed in outdoor environments and requiring highly specialized equipment, personnel and infrastructure.

Microcity designs, builds, and supports corporate WLAN networking for multiple customers and serves the most diverse business needs.


They play a key role in the local network environment. Microcity acts with products and services from the world’s largest manufacturers.

Edge service routers

Like the switches, routers are the components that enable communication with the outside world and with the internet. Microcity acts with leading products from the largest manufacturers on the market, to deliver as-a-service solutions.

Perimeter Security

Microcity’s Managed Security Services help your business overcome challenges, such as virtual threats and attacks on corporate networks, and keep your network secure without consuming too many resources.


SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) is a technology that enables the most efficient connectivity of branch offices to the data center and the cloud.

SD-WAN products today comprise Network as a Service (NaaS) offerings. These are state-of-the-art WAN networking solutions, with products and services that accelerate and optimize Cloud Hybrid communication with management and high performance.

WAN link balancers

Microcity delivers Link Balancers products as a service, which completes communication solutions, increasing availability and resilience in case a communication link stops.

In addition, it provides better management through traffic balancing and prioritization.

WAN Acceleration

There are several factors that affect the communication between headquarters and subsidiaries. Factors such as latency (waiting time) and the type of application used bring requirements that are not solved with bandwidth alone.

Microcity solutions from WAN Accelerators as a Service address these needs and help customers to operate with more quality and resilience.

Security devices

Currently, nothing operates without security. Microcity delivers a complete service solution to their customer, with security products that meet the most diverse business requirements.

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