Microcity Service Cloud

Microcity Service Cloud

Unified Management

The Unified Management (GU or UM) is a service platform designed to address the most varied support needs required by non-stop corporate IT areas.

The Microcity GU provides proactive services that are needed to ensure that the customer environment operates efficiently while maintaining availability and performance, quickly responding to the changes required without impacting the business. The operation is active 24 hours a day, seven times a week, 365 days a year.

Environment Management

The IT environment management is designed for companies that require hybrid services.

Microcity is responsible for network devices, servers, storage arrays, virtualization environments such as Hyper-V and VMware, Active Directory, Exchange Server, and other mail servers, DNS servers, proxy servers, and firewalls.

Cloud orchestration

Cloud orchestration uses several technologies that enable you to manage the interconnections and interactions of different Workloads. These applications run on both public and private cloud infrastructures. Microcity services automate tasks and integrate different activities into a single workflow.

This solution aims to deliver a unique and transparent environment, with full supervision of the permissions and execution of policies.

Advanced support

Advanced support is made up of highly specialized features that run away from traditional support. Microcity is responsible for interacting with suppliers to sort out software and hardware issues.


Security resources help customers overcome challenges such as virtual threats and attacks on the corporate IT environment and keep the hybrid cloud secure. Services deliver a complete solution through device platforms, monitoring tools and incident management.


Professional Services

Environment analysis and migration

The Environment Analysis and Migration can understand the dynamics of the various infrastructure components and prepare them to act in the hybrid environment, in order to maintain all the efficiency and resilience required. For these services, Microcity has professionals, specialized tools and specific troubleshooting methodologies.

Solution Architecture

Microcity has a team of architects responsible for structuring technology solutions that support customers’ business needs. This team has the role of planning infrastructure, security, project management and hybrid cloud solutions, providing a more complete view of the possible scenarios.

Bot/ chat bots

The Chat BOT solution used by Microcity aims to meet the needs of customers who need fast, automated service in their service centers.

The tool allows the use of intelligent features that optimize the user’s service.

Project Management

Microcity has certified professionals in the implementation and management of customer projects.

Aspects such as project scope, time, costs and resources are managed by the team in any service delivery performed.

Complex deployments

The specialized Microcity team is prepared to carry out projects in highly complex technology sites. Using DevOps techniques, the team is responsible for developing solutions that speed up results and make deployment lighter and more assertive.

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis Microcity is used in environment migration and new implementations. It consists of a detailed analysis of the customer’s environment in order to identify gaps or incompatibilities. All this aiming to adequately prepare the IT environment for a smooth, safe, effective transition, without surprises.

BIA / Risk Assessments

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Assessment are key in managing business continuity. These resources have the role of identifying the main products and activities of the organization and their degree of dependence on IT.

Thus, they can define the risks involved with their respective impacts in any environment.


Managed Service

SLA / availability

Service Level Agreements (SLA / Availability) are used by customers as efficiency metrics to monitor the performance of services rendered by Microcity.

Service Desk

The Microcity Service Desk performs lifecycle management of all service requests and communication with customers. The service center, located at Microcity or installed in customers’ facilities, performs Problem Management, Configuration Management and other important roles defined in the ITIL Library.

Field Service

Field Service is comprised of specialized support teams throughout Brazil. These professionals are responsible for the prompt service to customers in any Brazilian state, solving hardware and software issues.


The Inventory service consists of a set of tools, processes, and people that help customers make strategic decisions about their IT environment. This planning involves key components of the IT environment, such as desktops, laptops and end-user devices, as well as all elements of a complete data center.

Charge Back

It is an important component of Microcity’s tax delivery. Through it, all costs of Microcity services can be stratified by devices, departments, users or even projects. Thus, customers start having control of costs for contracted services and devices.


It is the post-sales area that focuses on ensuring excellence in the execution of the contracted scope. Created to seek the enchantment and loyalty of Microcity customers, the proactive ombudsman department is customer-focused and prepared to understand the needs and to act so as to improve the perception of Microcity services.



National coverage delivery

Microcity has a strong network of service partners throughout Brazil. To ensure our customers have contractual availability, Microcity has a spare parts backup valued at more than US$ 2 million, distributed nationwide in our service partners.

Activation and deactivation

For Microcity, activating a device means making it operational in the customer’s environment, whether it is a desktop or an entire data center. Thereby, the activation includes the accomplishment of all customizations and configurations necessary for this device or entire environment to be operating and delivering all contracted services. Deactivation relieves the workload of the IT teams from customers and routes for disposal or reprocessing. And customers do not have to worry about a thing.

Distributed backup

For all projects, SLA levels and availability are tightly defined by customers. To meet these requirements, Microcity provides throughout Brazil, through its network formed by more than 200 service partners, a complete set of strategically distributed devices, so that our customers’ operations are not interrupted.

Cloud fiscal management

To deliver the hybrid cloud solutions, Microcity performs a series of BackOffice operations, which go through banking and foreign exchange operations necessary for customers to receive a simple invoice for services. Thus, all the fiscal, tax and accounting complexities are totally transparent to the customers.

Fiscal and tax logistics

Acting throughout Brazil, constantly delivering business solutions to customers of various sizes, is a complex process and requires a specialized area for physical, fiscal and tax logistics. This team performs tax and accounting engineering, which harmonizes the tax differences of each state and locality, giving customers a clear and trouble-free operation.


Microcity provides customers with a complete sanitization process that eliminates the possibility of tracking information that may exist on any device that uses data storage.

The process uses the US Department of Defense (DOD) DoD 5220.22-M standard, which fully deletes storage devices by recording seven character patterns, then recording a random character and checking. It is a very efficient and proven process worldwide.

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