Short-term rental

How it works

The Microcity Short-Term Rental offers semi-new or even new equipment for rental under contract, with 1 day to 12 months terms and a guaranteed operation by SLA.

Short-term rental has the best semi-new products and the best brands, such as HP, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Lexmark, Xerox and Samsung.

An obsolete machine in your business means loss of money and productivity. With the Microcity Short Term Rental, you will gain in savings and efficiency. Our computers are cutting-edge, original, all equipped with Windows and with a performance equal to or superior to new products. All this with the best cost-benefit ratio in the market.


The equipment, before being commercialized, undergoes upgrading (when necessary), cleaning and packaging processes. All machines are revised and from the company itself, ensuring the origin and operation warranty.

Financial Advantages

– Adequação do fluxo de caixa
– Preservação de seu capital para investimento na sua atividade-fim
– Valor pago mensalmente e que pode ser abatido no IR
– Isenção da despesa do imobilizado e perda por depreciação
– Fim das despesas com suporte técnico
– Rapidez e facilidade no cadastro
– Eliminação da compra, que consome a maior parte dos recursos de TI

Technical Advantages

– Fast and continuous technological updating
– Correct dimensioning of your equipment
– Maintenance, support and technical service faster and without any additional costs
– Time gained in project execution
– Rapid implementation
– Use of the technical competence of a certified team

Operational Advantages

– Flexibility in contractual negotiation
– Improved asset control
– Agility in hiring and delivering equipment
– Flexible time rental, tailored to your business need
– Tax simplification in the administration of the computer framework
– Option to purchase the equipment at any time
– Delivery, assembly and installation at the desired location
– Rental as per the demand

New Microcity

Invest less and standardize your business with major brands and models. Contact us.

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