Data Center as a Service

Get to know the solution

Data Center as a Service by Microcity is the solution that integrates the Private and Public Cloud with advanced services for monitoring and managing your IT environment.

Microcity develops private, scalable Data Center solutions including servers, storage, virtualization environment, and automation of devices and applications. All of this along with the advantages of flexible and scalable Public Cloud processes.

Get more management and support of key components of your environment with the orchestration of private and public clouds, employing converged hardware, software, and infrastructure services to address the many challenges of your business.

All features are supported by Cloud Trimodal Microcity within the model as a service.


Cloud Trimodal Microcity

Delivery model of Data Center as a Service solutions anywhere in Brazil, guaranteeing the availability of the operation and orchestration of the entire environment. Your IT team will gain time available to focus on the most important business issues.


A solution with numerous possibilities


Microcity’s offerings of servers as a service ensure uninterrupted operation with a sufficient capacity to operate in virtualized environments on VMWare, Microsoft and Unix, supporting high workloads with Windows Server, databases, mail and collaboration, ERP and CRM.


The Microcity service managed for Storage scale boundlessly, offering growth facilities and cost control with monthly payments, enabling one to protect and extract more value from information so to make their business more competitive.

Virtualized environments

Microcity services for virtualized environments deliver hardware and software with private and hybrid cloud solutions, as well as consolidation services for environments, including servers, storage, desktops and applications.

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