Contact Center as a Service

Get to know the solution

The Contact Center as a Service by Microcity is the evolution of the Call Center that unites new technologies of artificial intelligence to the traditional customer service.

Microcity offers a unique solution in the market, once it delivers the entire IT, artificial intelligence and communication infrastructure, including servers, workplaces, storage arrays, backups, switches, among others.

The Contact Center as a Service is supported by Cloud Trimodal Microcity and its services. All in one paid model per user.


Cloud Trimodal Microcity

Contact Center as a Service delivery model in any location in Brazil, guaranteeing the availability of the operation and orchestration of the entire environment. Your IT staff gains time available to focus on the most important issues in their business.

Solution Features

In addition to the innovative model paid per user, Microcity runs complete projects, through the search, building availability and its adequacy, as well as the lease and management of all IT assets and equity.

Check out some services available:

– Desktops

– Network assets


– Furniture (desks and chairs)

– Service Desk (resident technician)

– Primary and secondary electrical service (power cabin)

– Generator group

– Air conditioning

– Lighting (internal, external and emergency)

– Turnstile

– CFTV system

– Building conservation


The next service step

Use of Microcity Cognitive Intelligence BOT.

More efficient service

Increased user satisfaction

Greater dynamicity in service

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