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The communication of the future begins now. Cloud PBX as a Service by Microcity is the complete communication solution that integrates the hybrid cloud capabilities and features.

Have the leading communication services available to your staff productivity: voice, video, instant messaging (chat), presence information, telephony (including IP telephony), video conferencing and email.

Cloud PBX is the hybrid technology that enables you to perform the roles of a conventional PBX with the unified collaboration capabilities of Office 365 and Skype for Business Online.

It does not matter what type of feature you need, where you are, or what device you use. The Cloud PBX as a Service by Microcity combines everything into one solution.

All the roles of the Traditional PBX are linked to the practicality, mobility and security of the services offered by Microsoft Azure and Cloud Trimodal Microcity. Start a conversation on your landline and end up on your cell phone or computer.

Your team produces more and better when working becomes collaborative.

Cloud Trimodal Microcity

Cloud PBX solutions delivery model anywhere in Brazil, guaranteeing the availability of the operation and orchestration of the entire environment. Your IT staff gains time available to focus on the most important business issues.

Solution features


More dynamic meetings


Transfer your calls to any device.


More efficient and real-time teamwork.


Communication wherever you are.

Technology Integration

Cloud PBX

Hybrid technology that enables you to perform the roles of a conventional PBX with the unified communications and collaboration features of Office 365 and Skype for Business Online.

Cloud PBX replaces a conventional PBX, delivering IP telephony with an extremely rich feature set through Office 365.

Cloud PBX uses local resources installed on the customer and from the Hybrid Cloud.

IP telephony

Communication solution that replaces the conventional PBX, enabling one to make and receive phone calls over an IP data network, that is, through the internet. It is a technology that provides customers with a convergent solution, ideal for the Call Centers and Contact Center environments, as well as for any environment that requires instant and on-premises communication as well as device independence.

Video conference

Microcity’s videoconferencing solutions address the most diverse requirements for integration with communication platforms.

Thus, they facilitate content collaboration and sharing, increase team integration, and better engage project group components. Thereby, it contributes to travel savings and brings faster results for businesses.

Available resources

– Office 365
– Voice mail
– Call Transfer


Microcity Cloud PBX
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