CA as a Service

Get to know the solution

CA as a Service by Microcity delivers end-to-end monitoring, service management and automation. All this with the best cost-benefit ratio and accelerated timing.

Microcity’s solution uses the CA tools in its management service, aligning professional infrastructure and shared-model processes. You will have agile deployment and receive all the services of the Trimodal Microcity Cloud shipped.

If you are looking for a complete solution, CAaaS is the best option for your company.

Cloud Trimodal Microcity

This model delivers CA as a Service solutions anywhere in Brazil, ensuring the availability of the operation and orchestration of the entire environment. Your IT staff gets more time available to focus on the important issues of your business.

The best of two worlds

The solution includes Microcity Managed Services with more than 30 years of experience in outsourcing with the best of CA technology.

Microcity is responsible for licensing, deploying and supporting, with services shipped on a single business and pay-as-you-go platform, as well as platform support infrastructure inputs.

Intelligent | Agile | Analytics Driven

Solution Features


Microcity Experience with the Best of CA Solution


Share resources and technical staff


Products and services according to your need


Payment made by use

Ca as a service solution portfolio

Microcity addresses IT needs seamlessly from operation to service management, freeing our customers to focus on their digital transformation journey.

The service catalog includes:

Monitoring | Management: incidents, crises, SLA’s, capacity, contracts and processes.

Automation as a service

The solution

The Microcity Automation Cloud utilizes the globally recognized CA Automatic Platform – delivering workload automation as a service and charge-per-use to our customers.

Challenges Solved

– Limited visibility of critical processes between technologies and business areas;
– Multiple tools, scripts, and manual interventions increase error ratios and operating costs;
– The Jobs and Workflows design consumes many resources and retract operational agility;
– Untracked scripts and processes on individual machines create security and non-compliance risks;
– Restrictions on investment prevent the purchase of a robust Workload Automation solution.

Advantages for your business

All as a service

It is not necessary to acquire hardware and software management.

More agility

Automated and Scalable Processes.

Full Management

User experience, Cloud, database, IT services, devices and applications.

Predictability, scalability and flexibility

More efficiency in managing the IT environment.

Management at sight

KPIs, dashboards and reports.

 Tranquility and security

Increased availability and stability to the IT environment.

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