Backup & Restore as a Service

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The Backup & Restore solution by Microcity has been developed to solve one of the greatest IT needs: data protection. With the offer, your company’s information will be always protected and available.

Backup as a service ensures that data is protected against any loss and failure. With the solution, you have complete control and you do not have to worry about any risks that your data may undergo.

Restore as a service ensures that data is available in times of emergency. Locally store with redundancy and take full advantage of the Microsoft Azure cloud. Get agile to retrieve your information.

You will also pay for using a flexible billing system that charges for Azure’s allocated resources.


Cloud Trimodal Microcity

Delivery template for Backup & Restore solutions anywhere in Brazil, guaranteeing the availability of the operation and orchestration of the entire environment. Your IT staff will get more time available to focus on the most important issues in your business.


6 Backup & Restore as a Service Attributes

– Keeps at least three copies of corporate data
– Stores backup on two different media types
– Keeps a backup copy offsite
– Easily accessible
– Releases the team from one of IT’s most bureaucratic tasks
– Comprehensive Ecosystem

9 Benefits of Backup & Restore as a Service

– Everything as a service
– Use of Azure Archiving
– One-off solution for IT and health
– Lower cost per megabyte
– Greater security for the environment
– Increased efficiency of available resources
– Flexible and scalable
– Centralized management in a single supplier
– Deletion of unnecessarily duplicated data

Microcity Cloud Backup Microcity Hybrid Backup
Microcity Cloud Provisioning Services o o
Installation and configuration of agents o o
Creating and Maintaining Backup Policy o o
Restoring files according to customers’ demand o o
Alerts for backup/restore incident management o o
Backup service monitoring (local and cloud infrastructure) o o
Microcity backup/restore operation monthly reports o o
SLA and availability o o
Service Desk o o
Appliance Installation and Configuration o
Field Service o
Support with parts logistics o
Hardware / software / cloud monitoring o
Research Console o
Appliance o
Licensing image archiving and metadata search
VNA Licensing

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