Microcity Sustainable Management Model

Microcity Sustainable Management Model


Flexible, innovative, easy to do business and a pioneer in hybrid solutions. This is how Microcity can be defined, that is, a company that at the height of its more than 3 decades manages to combine credibility and experience, remaining young.

Founded in May 1984, Microcity has consolidated its position as an important integrator and leader in the outsourcing of advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment and services. It has almost 350 employees and around 150 clients throughout Brazil. It provides and manages more than 200,000 own assets, being present in more than 4,000 sites and performing more than 130,000 annual calls, with 97% of SLA.

Microcity is a company that enjoys challenges and has a president who never ceases to say “we are not afraid of anything”. Proof of this is that at the height of its 34 years in the IT market, we have updated our mission to suit to the service we bring to our business: being more than a hardware company; being an information intelligence reference.

Organizational culture

In Microcity’s organizational culture, customers are the most important link in the chain, permeating the whole essence of the company. Therefore, we have created a representation of the structure that interconnects the performance of the sectors as a living cell, which suits to the needs of each customer and is in constant movement. To do so, our organization chart is referred to as Living Organism.

Microcity keeps innovating and is always on the move, but above all, it maintains the premise of being passionate about people and having in the exclusivity of each customer’s service and in the well-being of its employees the key to success. Learn a little more about us:


Our mission is to deliver hybrid IT infrastructure solutions with intelligent business information that contribute to the results and to the success of our customers.

3R Vision

– Nationally recognized
– Respected throughout Brazil
– National Reference



– Being a different and unique company
– Being a fast, agile, flexible and competitive company
– Being an easy business to do business
– Respecting customers, suppliers and employees
– Always maintaining ethics in relationships
– Acting with social responsibility


Code of Ethics

Do good

It works well for the mind and heart. It is a great anti-stress alternative. Try it!

Be fair and impartial

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Analyze both sides of the story before making a decision.

Be committed to the truth

It is easier to repeat the truth a thousand times than the same lie twice. By lying, you will be deceiving yourself.

Transparency in relations

The more transparent and honest the relationships are, the more chances they will succeed, and the fewer conflicts they will generate. Be transparent in a polite manner.

The right is right, the wrong is wrong

Respect people and respect differences.

Everyone has their personal values and beliefs that we must respect. However, we work in a company governed by rules and regulations and live in a society governed by laws. We must keep them.

Do not discriminate anyone. People are different, act differently and think differently. We do not discriminate anyone for their race, color, gender, age, religion or disability. Respect personal difficulties and choices.

Do not corrupt and do not let yourself be corrupted.

The easy way is not always the right one. It is your choice. Help change the country by changing people’s attitudes. Everyone wins with honesty, especially you.

It is nice to be lawful.

Any character or conduct deviation, whether legal or behavioral, brings injury or suffering to someone. Therefore, it is nice to be lawful.

Speak and act consistently

We are constantly watched by people. Our behavior and our attitudes are what will define the respect we will get from them. Saying one thing and acting differently will bring lack of credibility and respect for you.

Take care of the planet

Be environmentally friendly, use your company and home’s resources consciously. The future of your descendants depends on it.


Microcity is a company where people work and have fun. After all, through the areas of People Management (benefits programs and investment in training and development) and Internal Communication and Marketing (campaigns, information disclosure and events), the company is able to provide employees with a balanced work environment.

The atmosphere of relaxation and informality contributes to the development of the creativity of Microcity’s employees and inspire them to seek more knowledge. This results in a dedicated, motivated and proud Microcity team.

We are looking for professionals with similar characteristics to those of Microcity, such as creativity, communication, dynamism, interpersonal relationships, customer focus, entrepreneurship and competitiveness. In addition, it values professionals who are open to innovation, who seek to keep updated in terms of new technologies and who are open to digital evolution.

In other word, we prioritize professionals who share the same values as our company, who are enchanted by the new, and who are easily adaptable to the culture of informality and flexibility. Furthermore, it is essential that they show commitment to results, as Microcity seeks the high performance of its team.

It is also essential that the team members have environmental/social awareness and share our values of sustainable growth, looking after the planet and the community.

Want to join us so you can work, grow and have fun? Click here.

Social Responsibility

The fact that Microcity is a company that cares about people, about the planet and that practices environmental and social responsibility is evident in all its activities. This value is daily stated through our actions, such as Sou do Bem (I do what is good), a volunteer project that has existed for more than 10 years.

The project consists of taking to charity organizations indicated by employees, or that Microcity is aware of, activities in which volunteers, namely enrolled employees, donate part of their time (4 hours a month during their working day), skills and attention for those who need it. In addition, the project carries out fundraising campaigns throughout the year, engaging employees at headquarters and branches.

The project actions, besides benefiting the less favored layers of society, encourages and gives employees the opportunity to practice good inside and outside the work environment. In addition, it helps them to develop as people and professionals.

The project meets the values disseminated by Microcity, in addition to reinforcing one of its principles, present in its Code of Ethics: Do Good! It works well for the mind and heart. It is a great anti-stress alternative. Try it!

“I do what is good” is a project that allows Microcity to develop its human capital, as a tool that contributes to the management of people. It was born from the company’s need to express its principle of solidarity and development of people, and the personal desire of President Luis Carlos Nacif.

Since the idealization of the project, Microcity has been concerned with not practicing assistentialism, but rather of engaging employees in actions in which they have to dedicate attention, creativity, initiative and time to develop them. Volunteers need to participate in the actions from their logistics to the final delivery.

There are numerous results obtained with the I do what is good project, both for volunteers and for the company, in general. Currently, 20% of the company’s total number of employees are engaged in the project.

Meio Ambiente

Microcity has always had a strong concern about its interference in the community, even before sustainability became a management trend. Before beginning the discarding process and other environmental programs, the company carried out a study of how business impacts the environment.

Based on this, there was a definition for the company to act in a responsible and sustainable manner through the neutralization of the carbon emitted by the operation, by planting trees (Microcity Forest), recycling (reuse of semi-new equipment), awareness of employees and external public and e-waste disposal (partnership with disposal companies).

Our environmental practices resulted in two certifications, both granted by IBDN – Brazilian Institute for the Defense of Nature (maybe use only the logos, with no texts) Carbon Neutral Company and Nature Partner Company. The Neutral Carbon Company certification is a result of the One PC per Tree Project, which the company has maintained until 2015. At each leased equipment, a tree was planted. This project has evolved into the current Microcity Forest program.

Microcity Forest: Microcity enables its customers to also practice a more sustainable IT through the forest it maintains, with almost 45 thousand trees, a true lung that compensates for the environmental impact of our business and the emission of CO2 caused by energy consumption equipment contracted by customers.

The forest, whose planting began in 2010, has a variability of biomes (Atlantic forest and cerrado), located in São Paulo and Mato Grosso. As a way to prove the sustainable performance of customers, each year we issue a certificate highlighting how many tons of carbon dioxide Microcity neutralized to compensate for the impact caused by the electric energy consumption of the activated equipment.

Reuse of equipment and e-waste disposal: The equipment (desktops, workstations, laptops, among others) that return from customers, in good conditions, either undergo maintenance and are sold to employees by the semi-new area or are reused internally.

These machines are also often included in the I do what is good social responsibility project and donated to underprivileged institutions, as a way to contribute to digital inclusion. We have partner companies to dispose of equipment that is no longer in use, which in addition to giving the correct destination to the electronic waste issue certificates with the amount of material discarded.

Corporate governance

Microcity has always set aggressive growth goals. In addition, we use the crisis moments of the macro environment as opportunities to develop ourselves. All of this is possible because of its solid management, entrepreneurship and its vision of the future. To do so, it has some practices:

Management at sight: Business philosophy derived from a strong organizational communication tool for transparent disclosure of performance and productivity.

Code of Ethics: Commitment in the form of 10 commandments built by the company and employees to guide conduct and posture.

Proactive Ombudsman: Through the Customer Management area, customer perception is measured on a monthly basis, with the level of Contract Management and the satisfaction of users of the service provided at the closing of each technical request. In addition, the NPS survey, directed at CIOs, is applied every six months, and they have the opportunity to express their satisfaction with the company.

ITIL V3 Compliance: Microcity guides its entire service delivery through ITIL best practices (Information Technology Infrastructure Library is the world’s most widely used IT service management framework (ITSM). The use of the best practices contained in ITIL V3 helps organizations achieve their business objectives by appropriately using IT services).

Strategic Planning: Annually held with the participation of the leadership group and specialized consultants.

Administration Council: A body created to establish guidelines and oversee execution of projects, seeking solutions to add value to the management, to protect equity and maximize return on shareholders’ investments.

Customer Management: An area created to act as a proactive ombudsman area within the client, systematically measuring their perception of the services provided.

Microcity Business School

Escola de negócios microcity

The Microcity Business School (ENM or MBS) is an industry focused on training and enabling employees through disciplines and regulations formatted by online and/or face-to-face courses, according to the company’s roles and policies. The area offers courses on technical, institutional and general topics, in which employees learn, are evaluated and certified.

Hence, the ENM uses two tools: the LNT or TNS (Training Needs Survey), in which each leader informs and justifies the needs of training to fill staff needs and the PAT or ATP (Annual Training Program), a result of the LNT tabulation, which maps out the development needs of all Microcity areas for the year.

The courses are developed by the ENM or an outsourced company, when appropriate, and, upon completion of each training, employees take a Content Assessment Test (except in some external courses) and a Reaction Assessment, which is a feedback course offered. All works in the ENM focuses on the personal and professional development of employees, resulting in their engagement and satisfaction, and in a dynamic process of knowledge maintenance.

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