Pioneer in Hybrid Solutions

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Pioneer in Hybrid Solutions

Microcity has been the first Brazilian IT outsourcing company for more than 30 years. We believed that the future would be the outsourcing of the activities-means to total focus on the end-activity. Today, we know it was a sure bet.

Over the years, we have developed a business model that is totally customer driven. We are a company that is easy to making business with, as here, customers’ success comes first (and has always come). As a people-oriented company, we believe that maintaining an open communication channel is key to co-creating unique, intelligent solution, which deliver results. Technology is a means to make business grow and that is how we use it.

In 2014, at 30 years of age, we made a new bet: the IT world will be hybrid. Thus, we consolidated once again as pioneers, launching a business platform that guarantees the availability of the operation of customers’ private or public environment, all orchestrated by the Microcity service cloud. This is how our Cloud Trimodal operation, an exclusive concept in the market, emerged. In addition, to provide the solutions your business needs, we have created an ecosystem of technologies and expertise from multiple partners and integrated them into our business platform.

Plataforma de negócios Microcity

Nowadays, we deliver hybrid IT infrastructure solutions as a service with intelligent business information that drives results for our customers. Contact us and understand how we can support your business to face the challenges of digital transformation and take you into the future.


Business Model / Benefits

Microcity is the pioneer in hybrid IT infrastructure solutions in Brazil. We have a business model oriented to our customers’ results. Our basic premise is to deliver hybrid solutions with information for decision-making. We do this through the intelligent use of IT, by using our experience of more than 30 years to develop new deliverables for each business segment.

Today, we have consolidated as an important IT integrator, having a complete service platform comprised of datacenter on premise and in the cloud, network solutions, desktop solutions and all the remainder of the IT infrastructure, as well as monitoring, administration and management of all this environment.

Cloud Triomodal Microcity

We also have specialized vertical solutions such as Store as a Service, for retail companies, Contact Center as a Service, for Contact Center companies or companies that have Contact Centers in their structure and Health as a Service, for companies in the healthcare segment, such as hospitals and clinics.

Microcity Differentials

– A pioneer company in hybrid solutions in Brazil
– National Leader in Desktops Outsourcing since 2007
– National coverage with own network and service partners
– Installed own base of more than 200 thousand assets as service
– Presence in more than 4,000 sites in Brazil
– More than 130,000 visits per year
– State-of-the-art logistic hub for transportation and activation anywhere in the country
– Focus on outsourcing (adapts to any change of supplier)
– Standard equipment
– Provision of first-line assets
– Constant technological updating
– Agility to acquire new equipment by means of a letter-call
– Simplified contract and flexible duration (12 to 60 months)
– There are no initial investments by customers
– Payment from activation of equipment and services
– Monthly payment date chosen by customers
– Billing by cost center or per user
– Better measurement of expenses by cost center per unit
– Tax benefits (deduction in full of IR and CSSL and credit of PIS and COFINS)
– Unified service management platform with service levels by choice
– Customized solutions for each client
– Continued services without asset immobilization (100% expense)
– Healthier financial balance sheets (operating expense x indebtedness)
– Full responsibility for the entire solution provided
– Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 97%
– Local human resources (at the customer) when needed
– Proactive environmental management
– Transition area for installations and specific professional for project management
– After sales area with specific professional to manage the customer’s contract
– Governance support with reporting for Compliance
– Microcity Portal: information and visibility of the IT site in real time (web and mobile version)
– Carbon Neutralization of operations hired by the customer
– Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider
– Great technology partners: Microsoft, HP, Oracle, CISCO, CA, Avaya, VmWare, Symantec


Smart information

Microcity’s mission is to deliver hybrid IT infrastructure solutions with intelligent business information that contribute to the results and success of our customers. How do we do it? By providing several tools and reports that bring visibility, information and several reports to facilitate decision-making.

Get to know Microcity Portal, a repository where all customer information is centralized and organized in a single environment: billing worksheet, transition and management reports, contracts, call letters and much more. The Microcity Portal is our way of keeping our relationship with our customers always transparent, as all project data is updated in real time. Available in web or mobile version.

Portal Microcity


National Coverage

Microcity is a Brazilian company that operates throughout Brazil. We provide and manage more than 200,000 own assets, we are present in more than 4,000 sites and we perform more than 130,000 annual calls, with an SLA equivalent to 97%.

With 350 employees and more than 200 service partners accredited with clients in all Brazilian states, we have consolidated ourselves as one of the most important national IT integrators.


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