With a software-defined data center, Microcity expands its operational efficiency tenfold

Microcity has expanded the performance of its systems offered to customers tenfold. The company’s strategy was to adopt the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) model, which integrates servers, storage assets, and physical network components in one place and in a virtualized manner.

Lucas Gontijo, Information Systems Manager at Microcity, explains that, from the initiative, it was also possible to increase processing capacity by 15 times, and to make Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) operations 50 times faster. “This reflects a faster response from our servers to the demands of customers and from our employees on access to information, such as inventory of machines allocated, and a recovery or reboot of IT environments, for example,” he highlights.

The new data center format has also brought significant improvements to the company’s digital transformation process. “All hardware intelligence was software-driven, allowing us to cross physical boundaries and integrate with public clouds such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, enhancing user’s experience of Microcity’s services,” explains.

Another gain, besides the performance was the reduction of the energy consumption in the outsourcing, which has become 36% smaller, since the previously used machines generated a lot of heat and consumed a lot of electricity. “The Software Defined Data Center has also extended the protection of our private and public cloud hybrid environment against cyber-attacks by offering cutting-edge technology to isolate threats and recover backup data in a short amount of time”, he adds up.

According to Luis Carlos Nacif, CEO of Microcity, the new data center marks a new phase for the company, which now has the same technology offered to customers for supporting corporate operations, namely the Cloud Trimodal, which integrates public and private cloud, coupled with the exclusive cloud of Microcity services. “Hence, we have applied all our expertise in managing IT environments to leverage business evolution, with the same quality and security assurance we have offered to the market,” he comments.

SOURCE: Computerworld

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