Pague Menos adopts the store as a service solution and achieves 99.9% availability

Pague Menos, one of the largest Brazilian pharmaceutical retailers – with revenues higher than R$ 6.5 billion – has improved the availability of IT equipment, such as assets that make up front-of-store outlets, over-the-counter sales assets, physical network and Wi-Fi, of all stores in the network, with the Microcity’s Store as a Service (LaaS) offer.

With the solution, the availability of the units in January of this year has already reached 99.9%, in all regions of the country.

With more than 1.1 thousand units, Pague Menos started the project in 2015, when it initially planned to exchange 30% of IT assets and legacy management for the remainder of the volume, based on stores from only 18 states.

The initiative was expanded and concluded last year, reaching all units. According to Pedro Praxedes, systems and logistics direct in the network, the partnership signed with Microcity represented a milestone for the pharmaceutical network, as it changed the way of managing the stores, for outsourcing.

“It was challenging in the onset, because outsourcing is not part of our culture. However, because the project was well executed, Microcity gained our confidence and we have been able to better visualize the benefits obtained, such as cost reduction and increased efficiency in all our units, due to the optimization of IT equipment availability and improvement in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) in the exchange of these assets,” he says.

According to the executive, the improvement of SLA had a direct impact on store productivity. “The time we took to change or repair broken assets was significantly reduced with Microcity’s services, from days to hours. With the availability of machines obtained, we try not to make customers wait to be served, in case an equipment stops unexpectedly, for example, resulting in reduced queues and agility in service,” Praxedes explains.


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