Microcity opposes market estimates and grows sales to contact center

Emerging technologies have put the contact center industry at risk. In Brazil, according to data from E-Consulting, the expectation of retraction in 2017 was 7% in relation to the previous year. Microcity, which outsources IT equipment and advanced services, was up against estimates and achieved a sales growth rate of 224% in the period, which accounted for more than 20% of the company’s total in 2017, with a strategy focused on innovation technology that combines advanced embedded services and asset outsourcing. By 2018, the goal is to grow 20% in revenues in the segment.

According to Otávio do Ó, leader of the Microcity Contact Center Business Unit, one of the factors that helped to achieve the sales result was the increased demand for digital transformation projects, which has the potential to reduce expenses and increase the efficiency of companies in the sector. “Our expertise in infrastructure management and the application of innovative solutions aimed at Digital Transformation contributed to the development of our installed base, which motivated more investments and contributed to our growth,” he points out.


For the industry, Microcity created the Contact Center as a Service (CaaS) offering, an infrastructure solution that involves servers, workstations, storage, backup, switches, communication exchanges, dialers and other resources. The services can also include furniture (chairs and tables), building maintenance, air conditioning, electrical facilities, generators and even the choice and rental of the property that will serve the contact center, all paid by PA.

Other services include virtualization, cloud migration, disaster recovery, management, traffic analysis, hardware and software inventory, image management, virtual servers, environmental security, and cognitive intelligence solutions.

In practice

Amongst the customer that use this type of service are Carrefour Soluções Financeiras (CSF), responsible for the financial services of the Carrefour Group in Brazil, which this year doubled a Call Center operating since 2015 in Osasco (SP), fully managed by Microcity, and Paschoalotto Serviços Financeiros, a leading Call Center in credit recovery, collection and management of non-performing credits, which in 2017 celebrated 10 years of relationship with the renewal and extension of contracts for 2023.


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