Company reaches 97% retention of female employees

Microcity, a Brazilian company in outsourcing IT equipment and advanced services, has reached the mark of 97% retention of female talents, totaling 118 women out of a total of 320 employees in 2017. The figure has been achieved based on the creation of a series of initiatives, such as flexible scheduling, home office, professional development of employees (regardless of gender) and, mainly, the labor atmosphere.

According to Polianna Lopes, director of People Management at Microcity, the company has in its DNA the concern with the team satisfaction, and takes that to all the scopes of employees’ lives. “We prioritize dialogue and try to offer the means to harmonize their work routines and personal life, thus avoiding to wear that can cause stress and discontent, which directly impacts productivity.”

According to Polianna, this culture of approach makes the company more attractive to employees, who find a more welcoming climate, even in an area with low rates of female professionals, such as IT. “In addition, we now have a number of women in strategic positions, representing about 30 percent of the company’s total membership, which we believe makes all the difference for the business,” he says.

Another differential that the company offers, focusing on the reconciliation of employees’ personal and professional life, besides the benefits already described above, is the recent release of a breastfeeding room at the company’s headquarters so that mothers feel at ease when it comes to breastfeeding or collecting breast milk during lunch hours, if necessary.

“We also send breakfast baskets to the mothers who have just had a child, and reserve a space for the employees to hold a baby shower in order to raise diapers and celebrate the arrival of the newborn with her colleagues, for example,” explains Polianna. The company also provides a baby kit, with clothes and accessories for the little ones, as a gift to the future dads and moms of Microcity.

For the CEO, Luis Carlos Nacif, the inspiration for developing these initiatives is due to the HR area being managed by a woman. “Having more diversity among leaders brings a closer look at each employee’s situation and representativeness for all. Equality in corporate thinking is one of the marks of our management, and this reflects positively in our internal relationship with partners and clients, thus making the work environment more productive,” he concludes.

As a result of this work atmosphere and a more humanized look, the company now has more than 10 people management awards, both national and international, including Best Companies to Work for in Latin America, where Microcity has won the 39th place among the 775 best organizations in 19 countries in the region.

Source: MUNDO RH

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