CNC reduces cost of technology site renewal by 30% with Microcity consultancy service

CNC (The National Confederation of Goods, Services and Tourism) has reduced the cost for renewing the technological site of its plant in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) by 30%. The institution has obtained these savings through the consultancy service of Microcity, a 100% Brazilian company that is a leader in IT equipment and advanced services outsourcing.

According to CNC Information Technology Manager, Fernando González, the consultancy worked on surveying the current scenario of the building infrastructure, security, servers, monitoring and performance of the CNC data center, in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, the renewal of the technology site included a Disaster Recovery solution, in order to replicate the services in production at the Fluminense unit for the Confederation’s datacenter, located in Brasília (DF).

“It was a large project that involved link aggregation equipment, new firewall assets, data backup and replication, as well as implementation services and simulations of the IT environment. That is why we saw the need to have a partner to assess the implementation process from start to finish,” he says.

For the IT manager, it was the vision obtained through the consultancy that enabled the institution to achieve cost reduction, even though the project was being carried out together with several different technology suppliers. “We were able to negotiate the best cost-benefit ratio of equipment, components and solutions, which significantly impacted the total cost of the project,” he says.

The project was also developed while considering the Risk-Focused Analysis and the Analysis of Processing Loads, by the Trade Confederation. “All of the consultancy’s findings were aimed at mapping the current risks of the infrastructure environment and its processes to support business and installed capacity, with its performance, availability and percentage of use,” said González.

According to him, Microcity delivered the risk mapping and study of the reduction of gaps with the technology site renewal, as well as recommendations for adjustments to the use of hardware resources of servers and services. “These actions have allowed us to better visualize the points where resources were being used unnecessarily, and thus correct them or cut them off.”

According to CNC analyst Carlos Cunha, who led the whole project, the result obtained with the consultancy was only possible thanks to the good interaction between the CNC and Microcity teams. “Everything flowed easily, we felt safe regarding the team that led the study in our technology site. In general terms, what we can say is that Microcity exceeded expectations, as the analysis allowed us to revisit some points of the project and, consequently, generate more added value”, ends.


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