Carvalho Hosken, one of the main engineering and construction companies in the city of Rio de Janeiro, specializing in the development of condominiums with large spaces and high quality of life, has adopted the Firewall as a Service offer from Microcity, the Brazilian leader in outsourcing services and assets for IT infrastructure. The offering combines state-of-the-art security solutions with the company’s unique Outsourcing Service Cloud, which provides support, asset updating and remote maintenance.

The project includes the provision of two firewalls in high availability for the headquarters and five additional firewalls for the Carvalho Hosken units of Barra da Tijuca. Besides the hardware, it covers activation, configuration, policy implementation, management, face-to-face and remote support, in addition to constant updating of the security solution signatures in use by the construction company. Thereby, the construction company aims to have the most modern and efficient tool in the mission of protecting its data center and increasing control of the company’s information base.

The deployment of the firewalls took only three weeks, and all service was provided by Microcity. Moreover, the outsourcing company provides Carvalho Hosken with support, maintenance and monitoring services, among others, with a highly qualified workforce.

According to Marcos Gomes, Carvalho Hosken’s IT executive, Microcity’s expertise and competitiveness were the main differentials for the company’s choice. “We have chosen to outsource our firewalls with Microcity because it is a critical mission, in which we need a professional, qualified, up-to-date and dedicated team to help us with information security and protection to our IT environment,” he explains.

Firewall as a Service will help not only protect our data from malicious external attacks, but will also increase access control to the information that is used 24 hours a day by the consultants of the engineering and construction company.

For Marcos Gomes, having access control and maintaining data integrity is the main factor for investing in data security. “For Carvalho Hosken, the security of your data is indispensable, and having control and confidence about these data is a critical success factor. Thus, we have maintained the high quality of our service and the good performance of the business areas,” he concludes.

Also, according to him, the professionalism, struggle, commitment and commercial flexibility presented by Microcity when conducting the project were other decisive factors for signing the contract.

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