The mobility project with Microcity has brought greater agility and reliability in the collection of data with our customers and in information processing. Today, diagnostic information is delivered to customers in real time. We have reduced costs. We needed a partner who had the ability to serve, support and manage, and Microcity has provided us with both hardware and aggregate services.
Cláudio Mello CIO
The outsourcing model offered by Microcity is complete and serves us both in hardware, software, and services. Now, we can focus on the Bank core business, as they are responsible for all the management of the assets hired.
Alexandre Cabral IT Manager
The outsourcing model implemented by Microcity enables us to improve the management of technology assets, reduce IT teams’ overhead and shrink our internal equipment stock.
Ronaldo Couto IT Executive
Our SLA is of four hours to the headquarters and seven hours to the branches. Thus, management is done in a very evolved way. In addition, we have access to more assertive reports and to a greater control over device configuration.
Ricardo Nogueira Executive Manager
With the outsourcing, it was possible to eliminate the concern with stoppages, technical issues and lack of assets for replacement and equipment exchange. From the project, the IT team began to focus on the core business. As Microcity has local teams in the places where Armazém Paraíba operates, we have gained in terms of equipment maintenance and support time, which has become much more agile and efficient for relying on a specialist in the subject.
Heber Salgado CIO
We sought to improve our TCO. Due to the capillarity of Microcity, we no longer have labor issues due to broken or defective machines, whether it be in the hardware or software, because the performance is great. Microcity delivers almost immediately new assets already set up and prepared for each sector of the company. For companies like Midea Carrier that operate throughout the national territory, an outsourcing service with this scope is fundamental.
Eduardo Hintz
When comparing processes and risks of the purchasing model x outsourcing, we opted for asset outsourcing with the aggregation of services, for better serving us, with a more attractive cost benefit ratio. Microcity’s services are helping us reach our strategic goals and achieve all of the lab’s planned growth
Forlan Sanábio Coordenador de TI
Microcity has developed a customized SD-Wan project focused on our pains, in a way that no other supplier has succeeded to do. It is a well-differentiated company with highly trained professionals. We were very impressed with the results of the partnership, which saved us about 55% the expenses with communication links
Otávio Borges IT Infrastructure Manager
The expertise of the Microcity team, not only in the technology adopted, but also in understanding the need of our business, was key to the success of the project. Before that, the e-mail service, for example, used to take place inside the Nova Rio data center, which consumed space, maintenance, purchase of licenses etc. After the project, we were only concerned with paying Office 365 monthly licenses. In our branch, which is very dynamic, this feature adds agility in closing contracts with customers and collaborators. The next investees of Nova Rio should happen in PC as a Service projects, to serve operations carried out via mobile devices and to update our technology site. The success of the Microcity deployment will certainly motivate us to close this project with them.
Fábio Viegas Gestor de TI


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