When the result is the great highlight

Rede de Laboratórios

When the result is the great highlight

This client, which is a laboratory network in Minas Gerais, is almost 60 years old. The Laboratory has as its objective the continuous search for excellence in Laboratory Medicine. Nowadays, it is recognized for the reliability and scientific rigor of the examinations it performs. Today, it has more than 20 units in Minas Gerais.

Impressions on the project
“By comparing processes and risks, we have opted to outsource assets with service aggregation by serving us more fully, with a more attractive cost-benefit ratio than the traditional self-support model. Microcity’s services are helping us reach our strategic goals, and all of the lab’s planned growth.”.

Forlan Zambaldi Sanábio



• Lack of IT environment availability
• Need to upgrade the laboratory system
• Work overload on IT professionals

• Data Center with servers
• Storages
• Virtualization
• Backup
• Network and security assets
• Monitoring
• Service Desk level 03

• High availability of the environment allowing an upgrade of the laboratory system
• Environment Scalability for 5 years
• We have exceed the customer’s expectation, having the solution approved by users and by the executive board

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