When the result is the great highlight

Financial Institution

When the result is the great highlight

As one of the country’s most traditional financial institutions with more than 150 years of market, it has invested in a Microcity project, a leader in outsourcing services and assets for Information Technology Infrastructure, which involves offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to (LAN) and that aims to build or restructure the corporate network environment by delivering hardware, software, support and management, all as a service

Impressions on the project
“One of the characteristics that deserves to be highlighted in relation to the IaaS project is Microcity’s ability to customize the offerings to serve customers, as well as the agility in its implementation. Without interfering with the Bank’s governance and the quality of our services, the company finalized the LAN infrastructure project within the agreed time, in a silent manner and without negative surprises. Based on the experience gained from the two offerings we have adopted, Microcity has become the closest infrastructure supplier we currently have”

Alexandre Cabral
IT Manager





• Technological obsolescence
• Difficulty with control of services
• High troubleshooting time

• Enterprise Solutions
• Lan network as a service
• Hardware
• Software
• Management
• Monitoring

• Equipment standardization
• Standardized support
• Agility in delivery
• Solution Time
• Agility in response time

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