When results are the great highlights

Autoparts industry

When results are the great highlights

With more than 20 years of history, this customer is a reference in the Brazilian autoparts market for heavy and light lines. It has more than 10,000 active customers, with more than 500 employees allocated in more than 15 thousand m² of storage structure, divided between seven units in Brazil.

Impressions on the project

“We have found at Microcity a highly specialized partner to meet our needs for IT infrastructure services in a complete, end-to-end manner. It gives us the necessary assurance that everything is under control, causing us not to have to worry about a thing. Thus, we can focus on what really matters, namely the core business”.

Marcelo Carneiro Leão
IT Manager





• Fall links
• Loss of speed
• Security and anti-virus systems update
• File requests as per incidents
• Slow troubleshooting and as needed
• Business-critical process stops

• Intelligent and automatic balancing
• Monitoring the IT security environment
• Firewall as a Service Microcity
• Assets and software outsourcing
• 24/7 service model

• Support for the company’s new ERP system
• Constant link operation
• Remote protection against malicious attacks
• Infrastructure environment management
• Immediate and proactive troubleshooting
• More efficient communication between different units of the organization

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